• A paper on monitor placement for attack source attribution will be presented at Broadcom 2007 in September 2007.
  • We provided a final project report in June 2007.
  • All 3 methods of watermarking have been implemented and tested and are available to the research sponsors.
  • A paper demonstrating the effectiveness of watermarking in defeating a popular anonymization service was presented at IEEE Security and Privacy 2007 in May 2007.
  • A new method watermarking that is robust to synchronization errrors was presented at Infocom 2007 in May 2007.
  • Pai Peng defended his PhD thesis in September 2006 and now works for Opsware, Inc.
  • We participated in the September 2006 PI meeting in Denver, CO.
  • Our analysis of the secrecy of watermarking, and methods for compromising that secrecy, was presented at IEEE Security and Privacy in May 2006.
  • We participated in the March 2006 PI meeting in San Francisco, CA.
  • We provided a progress report in November 2005.
  • A new method of watermarking and its application to tracing VoIP calls over the Internet was presented at CCS 2005 in November 2005.
  • We participated in the October 2005 PI meeting in Verona, NY.
  • We submitted a proposal for Phase II/III funding in March 2005, which was funded.
  • Our paper on dealing with the chaff problem was presented at the Proc of the Workshop on Security in Distributed Computing in February 2005.
  • We provided quarterly reports in November 2004 and March 2005.
  • We participated in the February 2005 PI meeting at Myrtle Beach.
  • Hua Li received his MS and began work at EMC Corporation in December 2004.
  • Software to automatically generate configuration files for testing the watermarking software was completed and transferred in December 2004.
  • The new watermark embedding method was implemented in the real-time software and delivered in October 2004.
  • We have released a newer version of our simulator, including our newest watermark embedding method, in August 2004.
  • We participated in the June 2004 ARDA PI meeting in San Diego, CA.
  • We hosted a site visit by ARDA on June 8, 2004.

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